The Celtics need to tread carefully with Russell Westbrook

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Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors and NBA Free Agency in general is like a game of musical chairs (hear me out).

When free agency begins, so does the music. Teams run around and around (primarily the Hamptons) with their eyes on many seats, but usually one in particular. When a free agent, in this case Durant, makes his decision, the music stops and teams rush to his side, but only one team gets to sit down. This time it was Golden State.

In this game to attain one of the NBA’s elite players, another chair has been taken out of the bunch with Durant going to the Bay Area.

But, the music comes back on and teams are forced to find a new favorite chair. His name is Russell Westbrook. Now that Durant has left OKC, it seems like Westbrook himself is halfway out the door.

The Thunder would be wise to deal away the NBA All Star and stockpile some assets to fast track a rebuild and so the question is a logical one; should the Celtics trade for Russell Westbrook?

They could.

Boston has the assets that would seemingly be attractive to Oklahoma City. It would certainly require the 2017 and 2018 Brooklyn picks and probably Marcus Smart and another young player to pry Westbrook away.

But, don’t be blinded by how bright Westbrook’s superstardom is. Boston should not trade for the 27-year-old, five-time All Star.

Not at least without confirmation that he will sign a longterm deal to stay in Boston. And that doesn’t seem likely. It’s not your fault Celtics, you have a promising franchise with a great fanbase and you play in the Eastern Conference.

But, does that matter to Westbrook who seems destined to land in the stereotypical NBA landing spots (Los Angeles, Miami and New York)? Not likely.

The green would have to have a strong indication that Westbrook would re-up with Boston for Danny Ainge to even consider pulling the trigger on a deal.

Also, getting Westbrook moves up your championship window to the here and now. Does Westbrook, Hoford, Thomas and the gritty Celtics have a shot against the golden team that is the Warriors? Nope.

It may be smart to draft, develop and let the Cavs, Spurs and Clippers worry about Golden State for the next few years if you are Boston.

If they trade all their assets for Westbrook and then he leaves, Danny Ainge and the Celtics just nuked all the progress they’ve made over the last few seasons.

So when the music starts for Westbrook to be the center of attention, Boston should sit this one out so they don’t get a chair pulled out from under them.

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