Rumor Roundup: Red Sox Trade Targets Heading Into Deadline

Rich Hill made four starts for the Red Sox last September, allowing just 14 hits and striking out 36 in 29 innings. Jim Rogash/Getty Images

With tomorrow being the MLB non waiver trade deadline, the Boston Red Sox have already made three major additions to their big league roster. Yet, question marks still surround the team, and president Dave Dombrowski is known as an active deal seeker. The Red Sox have been linked to many names, and some think a major deal is still on the horizon.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals have interest in Red Sox bullpen pitcher Clay Buchholz, and as a rental player, Boston might actually be able to deal him. It’s been mentioned a good return might be former first overall draft pick Luke Hochevar. There is a $13.5 club option for next season, but that would almost certainly not be picked up. The Red Sox would also have to eat the remaining contract, but with just half a season left, that should be a non issue.

Chris Sale

Obviously the big catch of the trade deadline, it would take selling the farm if the Red Sox wanted to add Sale. However, they are one of just a few teams with the assets to do so, and are one of the favorites. It would take upwards of one of Andrew Benintendi or Yoan Moncada, and possibly an MLB roster player like Jackie Bradley Jr.

After the incident over the weekend where Sale cut his (and several other teammates’) uniforms, he was suspended by the team for five days. However, it does not seem to have affected the trade value of the lefty.

This season, Sale has an ERA of 3.18 and is striking out more than eight batters per nine innings. In comparison to a price of Benintendi, there is speculation the White Sox would be asking the Los Angeles Dodgers for Julio Urias.

It seems like Sale may not be sale after all, but this rumor is certain to stay alive until the deadline.

Jonathan Lucroy

After Lucroy vetoed the trade to the Cleveland Indians, the Milwaukee Brewers catcher is back on the market. The Red Sox have briefly been connected to the catcher, but since he was concerned about playing time in Cleveland, that may also remain an issue. One of Christian Vazquez or Blake Swihart would have to be included. Teams like the New York Mets and Texas Rangers seem to be more involved in the mix, however.

Sonny Gray, Rich Hill, and Josh Reddick

While the Red Sox have reached out to the Tampa Bay Rays and will not be considered trade partners for Jake Odorizzi or Chris Archer, but the Oakland A’s ace has been connected to Boston for some time.

Rich Hill, who the Red Sox let go in free agency, has seen his value decline after suffering a blister. He has been connected with the Los Angeles Dodgers and a few other teams, though the Red Sox have also been oft mentioned as a destination.

A packer of Hill and Josh Reddick has also been talked about in connection with the Dodgers, and the Red Sox could also be interested if they are unsure about their outfield situation.

Jose Fernandez and Gerrit Cole

Jose Fernandez is what Giancarlo Stanton has been in years past as that ultimate trade target. One of the best young pitchers in the game, it would take everything that a team has to offer to get a pitcher like Fernandez.

The Marlins were scouting Eduardo Rodriguez, but reports have said it is unlikely the Red Sox would move him.

Cole, who hasn’t really been thought to be on the trade market, was connected to the Red Sox in June. Because demand would likely include big league ready players such as Jackie Bradley Jr or even Mookie Betts, it seems like a move of this magnitude would be a bit of a reach.

But, with Dombrowski, one never knows.

Relief Pitchers

The incredibly speedy return of closer Craig Kimbrel makes it so the Red Sox may not have to make another trade for a reliever.

However, there are still flaws, with Joe Kelly unproven, Koji Uehara injured, and sudden struggles from Matt Barnes. David Robertson of the White Sox has been mentioned on the market, but he has a $40 million deal for three years after this one.

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