NFL to Let Tom Brady Rest First Four Games of 2016 Season

By:Mike Grinnell

REUTERS – A U.S. appeals court on Monday restored the four-game “Deflategate” suspension of New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady over allegations footballs he used were under inflated before an NFL playoff game in 2015.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York reversed a federal judge’s ruling from September that had overturned the suspension, holing that National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell properly exercised his discretion.

“Our review of the record yields the firm conclusion that the Commissioner properly exercised his broad discretion to resolve an intramural controversy between the League and a player,” Circuit Judge Barrington Parker wrote for the majority.

The ruling came in a 2-1 vote by the three-judge panel, and followed arguments last month where a lawyer for the players’ union faced tough questioning that signaled the likely reversal of U.S. District Judge Richard Berman’s ruling.

Representatives for the NFL, the Patriots and the union, the National Football League Players Association, did not immediately respond to requests for comment


News broke this morning that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will in fact have to miss the first four games of the 2016 season due to an incident stemming from a 45-7 Patriots victory over the Indianapolis Colts in January of 2015 in which he and the Patriots are accused of deflating footballs.

Now, this can be looked at two different ways.

First, blame Goodell.

Obviously it is easy to sit here and blame Roger Goodell, who Patriots fans are already comparing to Hitler, but I think Patriots fans need to look at this a tad bit differently.

The NFL isn’t suspending the 38-year-old 3-time Super Bowl MVP, they are simply letting him rest the first four games.

Tom Brady will now get five weeks of rest throughout the NFL season, while all other quarterbacks get one, during the bye week.

Brady will now enter the 2016-17 post season rested with only 12 games under his belt. You know what can happen to a 38-year-old quarterback in four weeks? Let’s ask Peyton Manning.

Another positive – If backup QB Jimmy Garoppllo can string together four good games, his trade value will increase immensely.

Garoppollo is the only other QB on New England’s roster, so look for the team to add one via the draft or free agency.

Brady and the NFLPA have yet to decide whether or not they will appeal the process.

The NFL ticked off their best player, now they are giving him rest.

Boy, is it going to be awkward when Roger Goodell has to hand a rested, healthy, Tom Brady another Super Bowl trophy.


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