Las Vegas NHL Expansion Team Named ‘Vegas Golden Knights’

By: Mike Grinnell

The hockey world patiently awaited Tuesday night as the newest NHL expansion team that will be located in Las Vegas scrambled to release the name of their team on time. While we all waited, their new team website,, went live by accident.

Regardless of the wonderful start the franchise has already got off to, I’m not going to lie, I like the name and I LOVE the logo. I could care less if it’s a knockoff to some random college team in Florida, it’s bad ass.


Team Name: B

I do like the team name. The whole “Vegas Nights/Knights” play on words it catchy and people like Jack Edwards will have a field day with it. I was hoping for Desert Knights, rather than Golden Knights. Sadly, I have never been to Las Vegas, though I have heard good things, but I get the feeling Golden Knights may be able to be misinterpreted in more ways than one. Nevertheless, I like the name.

Logo: A-

How can you not love this logo? It is so tough to make a logo in todays day in age. Either you offend someone or it looks like Walt Disney made it, so it’s basically a lose-lose. But Vegas won here. I mean, I’m kind of afraid just looking at the logo to be honest.

Color Scheme: A (Until I see the jerseys)

LOVE the color scheme, for now. They could come out with trash gold jerseys that look like they were picked out at a Vegas casino gift shop. I’m hoping for a blue or black home jersey, then a white road jersey with a ton of blue and gold.

Performance: F

This one is obvious right? We found out their team name because their website went live early.

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