ESPN New Hampshire Announces New Weekday Lineup

Nashua, NH – ESPN New Hampshire Radio (WGAM 1250AM & WGHM 900AM, has announced changes to their weekday line-up which will take effect the week of April 4th.

‘Christian & King’, which ran on the station from 2012 to 2015, will return to its mid-day timeslot (M-F 12-3p), beginning on Monday, April 4th. ‘Sheppard & Johnson’ will debut the next day in the “drive-time” slot (M-F 3-6p), and be followed by ‘New Hampshire Game Night’ (M-F 6-7p).

“The move allows us to stay local for six, sometimes seven straight hours per day,” said Justin Bastinelli, ESPN NH’s General Manager. “That is huge from both a programming and business stand point.”

The move reunites former co-hosts Christian Arcand and Tom King on ‘Christian and King’, after King left the station in early 2015. The new show ‘Sheppard and Johnson’ pairs longtime Boston radio personality Pete Sheppard with Houston, Texas native Brad Johnson.

‘New Hampshire Game Night’ will be hosted by Mike Grinnell and Tom Rowe, and will often lead into the station’s evening play-by-play broadcasts, like Red Sox baseball.

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