Don Sweeney Announces Claude Julien Will Be Back as Head Coach of Bruins.

By: Mike Grinnell

Don Sweeney told media member on Thursday that Claude Julien will “Absolutely” return for his 10th season as head coach of the Boston Bruins next season. Sweeney making the announcement amidst recent rumors that the Bruins could part ways with their all-time wins leader after missing the playoffs for the second straight season.

“I emphatically believe that Claude is a coach that can take us through what I’ve described as a bumpy transition period this year.” GM Sweeney told the media on Thursday. “We’ve got work to do. I have work to do,”

After missing the playoffs the past two seasons, Juliens feels he wants to be the one that helps turn this thing around.

“I’m going to be honest with you. Would it have been easier to go somewhere else and get off to a fresh start? That’s not what I want.”  Claude Julien told the media, “To me this organization has been has been good to me, and loyal to me. I love this city and I love these fans. I love the environment here.”

“You want to be somewhere where people are really passionate about the game. There are a lot of people here, including the players, that have helped me become the coach that I am” Julien said.

While there were whispers that Claude Julien may have lost the locker room and wanted out to possibly head to Ottawa or a team that wasn’t in “rebuild mode”, Julien said that wasn’t the case and he wants to help turn this franchise back into what it was a few years ago, a Stanley Cup Champion.

“I don’t want to be the guy that bails just because all of a sudden you hit a bump in the road. I want to be the guy that perseveres. It’s okay to be remembered for being the winningest coach in Bruins history, I’d rather be remembered as the guy that had enough character to go back in the trenches, dig my heels in and help turn this organization around.”

Sweeney also announced Doug Houda, long time assistant coach of the team, will not return next season, as well as a few other coaches whose contract’s are up.

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