Deflategate The NFL’s Never Ending Story

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Deflategate is closing in on being 500 days old, and news Monday of Tom Brady and the NFLPA filing a petition for a rehearing of the suspension guarantees we haven’t heard the last of this yet. Deflategate could go all the way to the Supreme Court unless the NFL is defeated in a rehearing and just drops the entire thing. That is as unlikely to happen as Atreyu flying in on a half dragon half dog to save us all from the Nothing aka Roger Goodell.

While the second circuit court ruling in April reinstated the suspension of Brady, the filing on Monday has again given Brady’s side the ball back with the game tied at one courtroom win a piece.  Brady will not give up as shown by his continued fight that has driven him not only through this process but his entire life. Sports Illustrated’s Micheal McCann does a fine job of sorting out all of the legal mumbo-jumbo in his piece for SI. While McCann argues that it is a hail mary for Brady to get the second circuit court to rehear the case, anything is possible. Brady has assembled the best legal team for this fight.

While the March 3rd hearing proved that two of the three judges sided for the NFL, more news on Monday continues to prove Roger Goodell to be untrustworthy. A report from the House Energy and Commerce Committee surfaced showing the NFL tried to influence the National Institute of Health on a study of brain trauma. This is but another black eye on Goodell. Perhaps this news along with what has been argued by Brady’s new defense lawyer Ted Olson may persuade the court to rehear the case. Olson’s argument is that Goodell “ignored highly pertinent rules in the collective bargaining agreement on tampering with equipment” and changed his reason for penalizing Brady without giving the quarterback a chance to defend himself.

More negative NFL news was brought to light on the Dan Patrick Show as NFLPA’s DeMaurice Smith explained that Tom Brady tried to settle the DeflateGate case. “It was an incredibly generous offer to resolve this,” Smith said. “The League asked for something no man should do.” These words again show that Brady has tried to be reasonable with the NFL but Goodell and the league has its own agenda.

With the issues regarding Goodell in the past, from Starcaps to Deflategate it is reasonable to expect the unexpected when it comes to the league and any legal case. This case has gone far beyond whether or not Brady or any Patriots employee tampered with the footballs on that January night almost a year and a half ago. This now is Goodell and the NFL attempting to hide the truth yet again.

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