Celtics Offseason Outlook: Have They Really Filled the Holes?

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Summer is coming to an end and that means that basketball season is right around the corner. The Celtics start against the Brooklyn Nets October 26 on their quest for the playoffs. There’s no secret that the Celtics have had a good, but still disappointing offseason considering all the hype around Kevin Durant. However, was it really that bad?

The big acquisition is no question Al Horford, a top free agent, choosing to come north to play with the Celtics. However, was that enough to make this team that much better? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Al Horford supporter. I still say no.

This team’s biggest issues have been a big man, true lost post presence and shooting. I don’t feel Horford fits the true big man mold, seeing he’s a stretch the floor type player. As for shooting, they still have nothing.

Avery Bradley shot 36 percent from behind the arc last season, going along with the 36 percent from Isaiah Thomas. The next best option on this team’s roster might be R.J. Hunter and he doesn’t even play. So, where does the shooting come from this season?

The answer is simple, an unlikely source.

This team doesn’t look like it’s on the verge of Ray Allen walking back through that door. Some people say that a swap with the Lakers to bring Nick (Swaggy P) Young to the Celtics could help the troubled guard reignite early career success and fill this need. I don’t buy it.

If this team succeeds this season they are going to need to get shooting from that unlikely source. They need Terry Rozier to be the guy who really steps up this season.

In summer league, the game started to slow down for Rozier and he needs to take the next step this season. It’s likely he is the backup to All-Star Isaiah Thomas and he’ll need to lead the second unit. Marcus Smart will be the vocal and energy leader, but his shot simply isn’t consistent enough to lead by example.

Get Rozier open and he will do great things.

It doesn’t even have to be insane numbers from beyond the arc. This team just needs a threat to spread the floor consistently to open up Horford and the rest of this offense. This team needs Rozier to lead the second unit with Marcus Smart.

There has been a lot of good for this team in the last year, but starting on October 28, they need even more.

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