Patriots Do Their Talking On The Field

The New England Patriots went into Ralph Wilson Stadium and shut up Rex Ryan and 70,000 mini Rex’s. Proving yet again that the team that wins is the team that is coached best and is more well prepared, not who talks louder. The Bills were flying high after a big win against a Colts team that folds easier than a cheap suit. Going up against the defending Super Bowl Champion Patriots the cream rose to the top.

Patriots vs. Bills, Keys to the Game

The New England Patriots will kick off against the Buffalo Bills, Sunday at One, at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Both teams enter the game after winning their openers. The Patriots won 28-21 against the Steelers, while the Bills dominated the Colts 27-14. The Bills are believing in themselves and taking after their boisterous head coach Rex Ryan, while the Patriots have always followed Bill Belichick and his steady us against the world style.

Patriots Get Ready for Bills Week.

Could it be possible that the Buffalo Bills have supplanted the New York Jets as the division rival, that will heat the blood of all Patriots…

Tom Brady and Malcolm Butler: Two Drives and Two Champions

In life sometimes the moment just picks you. You work hard, develop your skills and with a little determination and luck, the biggest moment happens to come your way. The Patriots have two players on their roster that have burst onto the national scene, because of two of the most memorable Super Bowls of all time. The players are future Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Tom Brady and second year Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler.

NFL Hold’em: Goodell Raises, Brady Doesn’t Fold.

On Monday news came out that the NFL and NFLPA were not able to reach a settlement in the ongoing Deflategate saga. Judge Richard Berman explained to both parties he would have a ruling on the court hearing on Tuesday or Wednesday. Are we any closer to the end of the NFL’s version of Texas Hold’em or will Goodell keep raising in hopes that Brady will fold?